Dirty Money, How Corruption Shapes the World


By Oliver Bullough January/February 2020 There is an old joke about a drunkard searching for his keys under a streetlight. A passerby stops to help. After a few minutes of failing to find them, he asks the drunkard if he is sure that this is where he lost them. “No,” the […]

It is always important for all Gambians to read and understand this solemn pledge at the very beginning of the Gambian 1997 Constitution which is the Sovereign Authority of the Gambia till eternity:

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In the name of God, the Almighty, We the people of The Gambia have accomplished a great and historic task. We have had our say on how we should be governed. For this Constitution contains our WILL and RESOLVE for good governance and a just, secure and prosperous society. Our […]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – RIP


By Barack Obama SeipofctaSfeaipotensmgbaecr do19t ato grgi5fSeaoe:56 AMdd  ·  Sixty years ago, Ruth Bader Ginsburg applied to be a Supreme Court clerk. She’d studied at two of our finest law schools and had ringing recommendations. But because she was a woman, she was rejected. Ten years later, she sent her first brief to the Supreme […]

Good riddance!

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Now that the grand D100M social engineering project by the self-anointed few has woefully failed, President Barrow must wise up from his recent victory lap and focus on reconciling the country instead of falling into another trap already rigged for him by the TRRC next year June, 2021. Since Ousainou […]

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