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Ruth Bader Ginsburg – RIP

By Barack Obama

Apparently I have been turned into the NPP’s worst nightmare

Apparently I have been turned into the NPP’s worst nightmare… I am the main opposition leader today in the Gambia. President Barrow is a brother I sincerely love and you idiots are making a huge mistake trying to demonize me. Watch SUN XALAT today… I have more fascinating revelations to make. STAY TUNED 😊


I Have Lost A Dear Friend And Elder

I have lost a dear friend and elder for over 20 years, Mamadi Diane, CEO of AMEX International Washington DC, a philanthropist to the African-American community and Special Adviser to President Outtara of Ivory Coast. He was a very generous man, humble and compassionate. My condolences to the Diane and Keita family in Kankan (Guinea), Abidjan, Paris and the US. This is a very sad day for me.



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