TRRC, OCTOBER 19, 2020


Looks like Dr. Sallah spent the whole morning at the TRRC explaining the rules and regulations governing the practice of modern medicine in the Gambia of which he also highlighted their International uniformity. What an elaborate and brilliant presentation! However, since traditional medical service is also another well entrenched practice […]



In the wake of close to 36 million people infected with the deadly coronavirus, killing over 1 million worldwide with the numbers still rising to a ratio of one in every ten human beings now exposed, coupled with its unimaginable devastation to the global economy plus more fallouts, the poor […]

Samsudeen Sart – JOLA LIVES MATTER


JOLA LIVES MATTER I only hope the propagated and disturbing rumor in town that the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) has been compelled by our hopeless Security-Sector Reformers to forge a list of 1200 “undesirable soldiers”, predominantly from the Jola tribe-80% precisely-for dismissal is fake news. It is evident that the […]

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